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What’s the task of ICO rating agencies in the listing process?

An ICO listing on this website is comparable to a conventional IPO where a startup is trying to find investors to fund their startup. Why do we need a listing? To offer investors exposure to startups that are turning up capital via an ICO. Our listings are for all those that are looking for capital for the assignments of theirs. Unlike some ICO listing sites, we are not in the company of managing ICOs ourselves and consequently are struggling to purchase tokens ourselves. Additionally, it gives prospective investors a way to compare ICOs.

This helps it to be a lot easier for them to look for the right ICOs. As you are able to just imagine, it can have time to go through and review all ICOs that want to be mentioned on our website, and so don’t be shocked if it’s somewhat delayed. To be able to be accepted as being a listed resource on the website of ours, you have to check on that: The internet site is real and active and appears to have been established for decades. The internet site promises to provide a few valuable info on the website of its, either as a basic guide on ICOs and cryptocurrencies, or maybe as committed resources on cryptocurrencies and ICOs, such as cryptocurrency ratings or testimonials of tokens and coins.

It’s legit and doesn’t include scamming, fraud or maybe false advertising. The website is in English or at least has an English page on its site. When contemplating a listing, also remember that our requirements and our moderation rules are created for the subscribers of ours, not for others. We could still accept a listed site even if several of its information is not up-to-date, but in the event the website contains scams, frauds or false advertising, then it won’t be recognized at pretty much all.

Another benefit would be that there’s a neighborhood of ICO advisors with proven track records who actively work with KICKICO to bring in additional investors. The platform too allows ICO project proprietors to have a neighborhood of advisors and friends – with a community of individuals and associates who are obtained a task – helping spread the word about the project and attract investors. Bancor is a decentralized platform for managing cryptocurrencies, supporting all ERC20 tokens as well as several blockchains through continuous conversion between cryptocurrencies.

As a result there’s a substantial community of individuals who are focused on growing the platform as well as enhancing it pretty much as possible. This is a big benefit, especially because this means that the group is always offered to answer questions. What’s an ICO platform? The platforms below are examples of ICO platforms that’re used by ICO tasks to advertise their ICO or token sales. In a similar approach to a site for your business, these platforms function as the front-end of the entire ICO marketing strategy.